Spit Braai Catering with pure Awesomeness!

Spit Braai Menu

Spit Braai Catering Menu

We are a Spit Braai Caterer and that’s just what we’ll do. We bring a real Spit Braai feeling to your home. Our team will arrive ± 4 hours before serving time. The Spit Braai Catering teams are well organized and will Spit Braai the Lamb and Spit Roast the Baby Potatoes & Onions in our Spit Braai Machine to give it that real Spit Roast taste. Once the meat has been carved we pre-heat it in our Secret Basting Sauce for extra tenderness and assist in serving your guest out of the Spit Braai Machines.
In the event where it is difficult to serve out of the machine we use Shaving Dishes to serve from.
Our passion is catering and our portions are generous, we work on 450g Lamb Meat per person served with Salads and Garlic Bread. We enjoy planning the functions with our clients to ensure that the food is ready at serving time.


Spit Braai Menu Created by SpitMeister

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