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Firstly, we have a well rounded Spit Braai Menu & we bring a real Spit Braai feeling to your home. Most importantly, our team will arrive ± 4 hours before serving time. The Spit Braai Catering teams are well organized and will Spit Braai the Lamb and Spit Roast the Baby Potatoes & Onions.
After cutting the meat, we warm it up with our special sauce to make it softer and easier to serve to your guests from the spit braai machines. Our portions sizes are generous, with no less then 5 items on a plate.
In the event where it is difficult to serve out of the machine we use Shaving Dishes to serve from.
Spit Braai is a perfect choice for your next event! The succulent aroma of juicy, slow-roasted meat will have your guests talking and their taste buds dancing with delight.

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